Analyses conducted by Braid-Forbes Health Research are tailored to the client’s primary question and other key needs, and are the property of the client. Custom graphics and presentation slide sets can be generated as part of these reports. All reports produced are compliant with HIPAA and data use agreement requirements.


If the data analysis and/or econometric modeling that we perform warrants publication in a peer-reviewed journal, we can work with clients to generate a manuscript to submit for publication. For this process, we adhere to the International Committee of Medical Journal Editor (ICMJE) guidelines for manuscript preparation and authorship, as well as all HIPAA and data use agreement requirements. A sample of publications we have generated with clients is listed below.

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  2. Sohail MR, Henrikson CA, Braid-Forbes MJ, Forbes KF, Lerner DJ. Mortality and cost associated with cardiovascular implantable electronic device infections. Arch Intern Med. 2011;171(20):1821-1828.
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Customer Engagement Apps for Mobile Devices

We can generate additional immediate value for our clients by converting results clinical, economic, and quality data analyses into easily accessible apps for mobile devices. These apps communicate detailed data in an intuitive, interactive way, for use by marketing and sales professionals with payers, hospitals, and physicians.